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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earth Day April 22nd! - Giveaway!

Earth Day this year is April 22nd.

We have been trying to live sustainable over here in the Garden Patch.  The garden has been rolling along now for three years.  I have to say the best addition so far has been the 3 - 50 Gal Rain barrells.  We have not used city water for the garden since we installed them in 2009 and that has saved on our water bill tremendously.  We purchased the rain barrells for about $50 each and I painted them in a few themes. 
Here is a link to the Rain Barrells post: 

a few pics of them:

Hop on over to the Thanks for 2day blog for the Gardeners Sustainable Living Project going on over there and for a truly awesome giveaway not to mention a peek at her truly awesome blog!



  1. I love what you did to the rain barrels - what a great idea!

  2. What a cute way to spruce up your rain barrels. I love the campbell soup one. Cute!

  3. btw, do you have a good method of getting water out of the rain barrel, other than gravity? I'm thinking of investing in one of those pumps, because getting water out is difficult when it's half empty.

  4. Thanks African Aussie and Mimi!

    To answer your question Mimi, I have all three up on pavers, the higher you get that thing the better. I am fortunate that mine will drain no prob down to the last 1/2 gallon or so. I can turn the hose on at the end in the garden and have instant pressure - its not super but its just enough to water row by row just letting it lay in different spots in the garden. I have not used one of those little pumps because I never needed one.

    I sure could use a few more rain barrells tho, when I get a big rain they all overflow and Its hard to bear not capturing all that precious water!

  5. Hi Jezebels, your artwork is fantastic! That was a really cute idea. I really like the looks of your veggie garden in your sidebar photos. That is one thing I don't have but I do try to grow some in containers on my deck. I'm finally getting a rainbarrel too, and will probably need more than 1! Thanks for linking to my project...I hope you have a wonderful spring and fabulous gardening season this year!

  6. Your talent is amazing, the barrels are art instead of an eye-sore.

  7. Definitely! I am a seed shopping addict. When they show up at Home Depot, I am the first one there. I could spend probably an hour just looking at seeds at the store. Seed catalogs are even worse... I swear it's like garden porn.

  8. Always a worthy cause. And a simple solution. Just leave it better. The post that One did awhile back on Chief Seattle’s speech was the best environmental words I have ever read. I am glad it inspired you as well. Your post was well thought out, well written and your actions admirable.

  9. Lots of good tips. I think it's great that certain national grocery train is offering more organic food than most. Digging a little under the surface though, even though it's organic, most of their meat products are not coming from free-range, pasture-raised environments.


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